Leaf springs are suspension elements that provide driving comfort and safety by storing and then releasing the energy created by the loads coming to the chassis and driveline due to road conditions.

There are four different types of leaf springs according to their technical features and usage areas. These are;

Multi -Leaf / Conventional Leaf Springs; Multi-leaf springs are suspension leaf spring leaves on which the thickness is stable. It is suitable for very heavy load conditions.

Parabolic Leaf Springs; These are spring leaves on which the material thickness changes parabolically. Provide lighter option than conventional leaf springs because of the ability to work with less leaves.

Beam Springs; Air linkers/beam springs are manufactured of parabolic leaves which have mostly a “Z” like shape. They are used at air suspension applications.

Cabin Springs; Cabin springs provide comfort maintaining flexibility at the cabin. They may be either “U” shaped or one single parabolic leaf.

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