Axle Design

Influenced by the rise of alternative fuels, first time in the history, automotive industry is passing through a sharp transition period. Transition from petrol to alternative fuels is disrupting the market, while special vehicles bus and trucks are being the most rapidly influenced segment.
To stay competitive in this “new” market, vehicle manufacturers require innovative engineering approaches, which has never been easy with traditional off-the-shelf axles.
Instead of a traditional “production” company, ECHO is an engineering-oriented “Product” company having ~40% of all its employees being engineers.
Axle business has been dominated by only few global companies and vehicle manufacturers have always been pushed to build their vehicles with standard off-the-shelf products, without any customization option.
Our aim is with our special vehicles focus and high customer satisfaction, for ECHO brand become well-trusted solution partner of many reputable OEMs and tech companies across the globe.

Leaf Spring Design

We transform conventional leaf springs into parabolic with the engineering service we provide.
Some advantages of the conversion from Conventional to Parabolic:

  • Parabolic springs are suited for long drives, provide better ride comfort and control to the driver
  • The weight of parabolic assembly is lesser by 30% than the conventional spring assembly, in turn the pay load of the vehicle increases.
  • In parabolic spring the eye thickness is increased as compared to conventional spring, which reduces the eye failures in the fields.
  • Parabolic spring assembly contains a smaller number of leaves as compared to Conventional spring assembly but can carry equal load.