In our globalizing world, there have been great changes in production and sales organizations in the last 20 years. On the production side, the production location of the product has lost its importance and has become a fact that can be changed quickly in connection with cost-benefit analysis.

In the field of sales, even if your product, marketing strategies, product positioning and all other facts are correctly configured, when the right sales channel cannot meet with the network, there are experiences where the customer cannot be reached.

Under all these conditions, ECHO Track, using its network and knowledge in Turkey and the Middle East, helps companies that want to make products with their own brand in finding the right manufacturer. In addition, we prepare roadmaps for companies that want to enter to the Turkish and Middle Eastern markets, but have not yet created a sales network here, by making the necessary reports to establish this structure correctly.

In some business models, we cooperate directly with companies that want to enter the new market as a distributor.

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